Services and Fees

You can select the following types of advisory services:

1.  Overall Financial Planning

2.  Retirement Planning

3.  Investment Planning

4.  Insurance Planning

5.  Tax Planning*

6.  Estate Planning*

7.  Portfolio Management

8.  Ongoing Checkups

You choose to pay for services at $150/hour, $75/month, or as a percentage of investment assets.  For a percentage of investment assets, advisory fees are:

A.  $100,000 - $250,000:     0.8%

B.  $250,001 - $500,000:     0.6%

C.  Greater than $500,000:  0.4%

*Regal Oak Financial, LLC does not give tax nor legal advice.  Please consult your accountant for tax advice and your attorney for legal advice.  For tax planning or estate planning, Regal Oak Financial, LLC will work with your accountant or attorney.